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Expert Group Regional Consultative Meeting on Development of Regional Road map on Energy Security Meeting
Category: Climate Change
Event Start Date : 2011-07-28
Event End Date : 2011-07-29
Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas Bhutan 2011 Background and objective of the Summit It is widely acknowledged today that the impacts of climate change are already noticeable, especially in the Himalayas. Climate Change induced high snow and glacial melting rate, for example, will affect water flows in rivers and have an impact on people depending on water from the Himalayas. Recognizing the urgent need for Himalayan nations to build resilience to buffer the impacts of climate change, the Governments of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India have agreed to convene a Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas in Bhutan on 19th November 2011. The Summit in November is expected to adopt and endorse a 10-year road map for adaptation to climate change in the Eastern Himalayas region for ensuring food, water, energy while maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services. Governments of Bangladesh, India and Nepal have committed to support the initiative which is led by the Royal Government of Bhutan in developing a regional adaptation plan. The four countries have prepared their national stock taking papers on food, water, energy and biodiversity and based on it, they have identified recommendations for the regional-level action. There are many adaptation activities which one country alone cannot take and a concerted effort is required for meaningful and sustainable climate change adaptation measure. For this purpose, this expert meeting held in Kathmandu on 28-29 July will try to find common actions and prioritize them for regional level actions. The outputs of this meeting will present the actions required for enhancing energy security in the region in the face of climate change which will go as recommendations to the summit declaration. The summit is will bring the four leaders from the four countries together to endorse the regional actions and reflect the highest level of commitments from the respective governments. The Government of Bangladesh organized the expert regional meeting on water on 2-3 July, the Royal Government of Bhutan organized the expert meeting on biodiversity on 12-13 July and the Government of India organized the meeting on food security on 25-26 July 2011. Nepal is now organizing the expert meeting on energy security.
Location: Gokarne Forest Resort, Kathmandu
Contact Person: Mr. Raghu Nath Mahat
Phone: +977-9841355140
Contact Email: rnm_lele@yahoo.com
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