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Climate Change Projects
Second National Communication to the UNFCCC
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Description: The SNC Project aims to strengthen the technical and institutional capacity of Nepal in mainstreaming climate change concerns into the country's sectoral and national development planning processes, and comply with the obligation as a Party to the UNFCCC. The Project will contribute to prepare the country's Second National Communication (SNC) and share with Parties to the UNFCCC. Under the SNC Project, the Ministry of Environment will, inter alia, undertake: (i) evaluation of national circumstances; (ii) updating of the inventory of GHGs; (iii) assessment of GHG mitigation; (iv) assessment of needs, barriers and opportunities for adaptation and mitigation technologies and methodologies; (iv) assessment of potential impacts of climate change in selected areas of Nepal and prioritization of adaptation measures; (v) assessment of data and information to strategize climate change research and systematic observation; (vi) promotion of education, training and public awareness along with the promotion of networking and sharing; (vii) identification of capacity building needs and implementation of capacity building-related activities; (viii) identification of constraints and gaps and related financial, technical and capacity needs; and (ix) preparation and submission of the SNC of Nepal.
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Organization: Ministry of Environment
Period: 2011
Budget: US$ 450,000
Status: Ongoing
Contact Person: Name:Batu Krishna Uprety
For more detail: http://www.moenv.gov.np/newwebsite/?view=snc
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