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This section contains resources (e.g. official documents, publications, multi-media, etc) on various climate change topics from our portal users and Knowledge Partners. You can search this database by theme and keywords. You may use more than one keyword to narrow your search (e.g. adaptation, Mustang). You are invited to add resources to our online library by clicking on the Submit Content link.  
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Sn Title Publisher Publication Year
1 Climate Variability and Associated Response of Larix griffithii in Kanchenjunga Conservation Area of Nepal  Science and Education Publishing  2018 
2 Tree-ring based spring precipitation reconstruction in western Nepal Himalaya since AD 1840  Dendrochronologia  2017 
3 Invasive Alien Species in Kailash Landscape-In Nepali  International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development  2017 
4 Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Forests in the Brahmaputra, Koshi, and Upper Indus River Basins  International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development  2017 
5 Assessing Impacts of Climate Change and Water Induced Disasters from Gendered Perspective in Darchula, Nepal  Science Signpost Publishing  2017 
6 Elevational Trends in Usnic Acid Concentration of Lichen Parmelia flexilis in Relation to Temperature and Precipitation  Climate  2017 
7 National Climate Change Impact Survey 2016: A Statistical Report  Central Bureau of Statistics, GoN  2017 
8 Disaster Early Warning Systems in Nepal: Institutional and Operational Frameworks  Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters  2017 
9 Tree growth across the Nepal Himalaya during the last four centuries  Progress in Physical Geography  2017 
10 Rising Precipitation Extremes across Nepal  Climate  2017 
11 Climatic Variability and Land Use Change in Kamala Watershed, Sindhuli District, Nepal  Climate  2017 
13 Growth variable-specific moisture and temperature limitations in cooccurring alpine tree and shrub species, central Himalayas, Nepal  Elsevier  2017 
14 Warming induced growth decline of Himalayan birch at its lower range edge in a semi-arid region of Trans-Himalaya, central Nepal  Plant Ecol  2017 
15 Participatory vulnerability assessment of climate vulnerabilities and impacts in Madi Valley of Chitwan district, Nepal  Cogent QA  2017 
17 Agriculture and Food Security under Climate Change in Nepal  MedCrave  2017 
18 Water as “Time-Substance”: The Hydrosocialities of Climate Change in Nepal  Taylor & Francis, LLC  2017 
19 Delphi Expert Survey on Climate Policies, Plans/Strategies in Nepal  Preprints  2017 
20 Linking Soil Properties to Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security in Nepal  MDPI  2017 
21 Framing REDD+ at National Level: Actors and Discourse around Nepal’s Policy Debate  MDPI  2017 
22 Review of climate policies and roles of institutions in the policy formulation and implementation of adaptation plans and strategies in Nepal  Journal of International Development and Cooperation  2017 
23 High-resolution spatial assessment of population vulnerability to climate change in Nepal  Elsevier  2017 
24 Perceptions of agro-pastoralists towards the change in temperature and precipitation in the trans-Himalayan regions of Nepal  Banko Jankari  2017 
25 Climate Change Impact on Glacier Retreat and Local Community in the Langtang Valley, Central Nepal  KarmaQuest International, Canada  2017 
26 Vanishing Springs in Nepalese Mountains Assessment of Water Sources, Farmers’ Perceptions, and Climate Change Adaptation  Mountain Research and Development (MRD)  2017 
27 Understanding Farmers Perceptions and Adaptations to Climate Change and Variability in Rice Production at the Kaski and Chitwan District, Nepal  Asian Research Journal of Agriculture  2017 
28 Climate Change Imprint and Impacts on Livelihood of Indigenous Nationalities: A Case of Chepang Community from Bhumlichowk Area, Gorkha District, Nepal  IJSBAR  2017 
29 National Study / Paper: Infrastructure Finance Strategies for Sustainable Development in Nepal    2017 
30 Observed Climate Trend Analysis of Nepal (1971-2014)  MoPE/DHM  2017 
31 Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Framework and Indicators For National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Formulation Process in Nepal  MoPE  2017 
32 Synthesis of the Stocktaking Report for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Formulation Process in Nepal  MoPE  2017 
33 Vulnerability and impacts of climate change on forest and freshwater wetland ecosystems in Nepal: A review  Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences  2017 
34 Nepali Bulletin  PPCR: MCCRMD  2016 
35 Intended Nationally Determined Contributions of Nepal to UNFCCC  MoPE  2016 
36 Factors controlling the accelerated expansion of Imja Lake, Mount Everest region, Nepal    2016 
37 Climate Finance: Fund Flow from National to Sub-National Level in Nepal  ISET-Nepal  2016 
38 Site- and species-specific treeline responses to climatic variability in eastern Nepal Himalaya  Elsevier  2016 
39 Tree-climate relations along an elevational transect in Manang Valley, central Nepal  Elsevier  2016 
40 Pinus roxburghii stand dynamics at a heavily impacted site in Nepal: Research through an educational fieldweek  Elsevier  2016 
41 Gradual expansion of moisture sensitive Abies spectabilis forest in the Trans-Himalayan zone of central Nepal associated with climate change  Elsevier  2016 
43 Climate-smart agriculture: learning from three agro-ecological regions of Nepal  CDKN  2016 
44 COP22: Key Outcomes Agreed at the UN Climate Talks in Marrakech  Carbon Brief  2016 
45 Building Knowledge for Climate Resilience in Nepal Research Briefs  NAST-NCCKMC  2016 
46 Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Practices in Agriculture: A Case Study of Rautahat District, Nepal  Climate  2016 
47 Region-wise Effects of Climate Sensitive Variables on Some Specific Disease Burdens in Nepal  The Open Atmospheric Science Journal  2016 
48 The Relationships between Climate Variability and Crop Yield in a Mountainous Environment: A Case Study in Lamjung District, Nepal  Climate  2016 
49 Hydro-Climatic Variability in the Karnali River Basin of Nepal Himalaya  Climate  2016 
50 Governance Values in the Climate Change Regime: Stakeholder Perceptions of REDD+ Legitimacy at the National Level  Forests  2016 
51 Elevational Shifts of Freshwater Communities Cannot Catch up ClimateWarming in the Himalaya  Water-MDPI  2016 
52 Briefing Note on UNFCCC-CoP22, Key Concerns, Issues and Events  MoPE  2016 
53 Paris Agreement to Climate Change (In Nepali)  MoPE  2016 
54 Access to Climate Finance in Nepal  GoN-MoPE & Prakriti Resource Center  2016 
55 Accessing the Green Climate Fund  Prakriti Resource Center  2016 
56 Climate Change and Its Effect on Water Resources: A Case Study in Annapurna Conservation Area Project (Acap)  Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting  2016 
57 Climate Change and Its Impacts on Human Health in Nepal  Journal of Health Education Research & Development  2016 
58 Grassland Management for Climate Change Adaptation and Watershed Protection in Karnali Watershed Area  Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species  2016 
59 Study on Climate Change Induced Precipitation Variability and Its Impact on High Mountains of Nepal (A Case Study of - Kaligandaki River Basin, North of Nepal)  Geology & Geosciences  2016 
60 A Study of Climate Variability and Socioeconomic Impact on Tourism Industry of Nepal  Sustainability in Environment  2016 
61 Post-disaster Revival of the Local Seed System and Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study of Earthquake Affected Mountain Regions of Nepal  Indian J. Plant Genet. Resour  2016 
62 Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in Bagmati Basin, Nepal  Environ. Process  2016 
63 Predicting the distributions of predator (snow leopard) and prey (blue sheep) under climate change in the Himalaya  Ecology and Evolution  2016 
64 Assessment of risks due to climate change for the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project in Nepal  Climate Risk Management  2016 
65 Climate change projection for the marsyangdi river basin, Nepal using statistical downscaling of GCM and its implications in geodisasters  Geoenvironmental Disasters  2016 
66 District REDD+ Action Plan (DRAP): A tool for implementing Nepal’s national REDD+ strategy  ICIMOD  2016 
67 An assessment by subsistence farmers of the risks to food security attributable to climate change in Makwanpur, Nepal  Food Sec  2016 
68 Governance Values in the Climate Change Regime: Stakeholder Perceptions of REDD+ Legitimacy at the National Level  MDPI  2016 
69 Suitability Analysis and Projected Climate Change Impact on Banana and Coffee Production Zones in Nepal  PLOS ONE  2016 
70 Assessment of Forest Carbon Stock and Carbon Sequestration Rates at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari  ICIMOD  2016 
71 National Adaptation Plan Formulation Process-Approach Paper in Nepali  MoSTE  2016 
72 National Adaptation Plan Formulation Process-Approach Paper in English  MoSTE  2016 
73 A multi-proxy reconstruction of spatial and temporal variations in Asian summer temperatures over the last millennium  Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht  2015 
74 eBulletin-PPCR-July  MCCRMD/MOSTE  2015 
75 Program Progress Report-Nepal Climate Change Program    2015 
76 Contemporary and Historic Population Structure of Abies Spectabilis at Treeline in Barun Valley, Eastern Nepal Himalaya  Science Press and Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS and Springer  2015 
77 Recent treeline dynamics are similar between dry and mesic areas of Nepal, central Himalaya  Journal of Plant Ecology  2015 
78 Modelling glacier change in the Everest region, Nepal Himalaya  Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union  2015 
79 Climate Change Research Grant-Booklet    2015 
80 Project brochure  LI-BIRD  2015 
81 Climate Change Performance Index 2015  Climate Action Network  2015 
82 Climate Action Now-Summary for Policy Makers 2015  United Nations Climate Change Secretariat  2015 
83 Paris 2015: Getting a global agreement on climate change  Green Alliance  2015 
84 Dramatic loss of glacier accumulation area on the Tibetan Plateau revealed by ice core tritium and mercury records  The Cryosphere  2015 
85 Synthesis report on the aggregate effect of the intended nationally determined contributions  United Nations Climate Change Secretariat  2015 
86 ADOPTION OF THE PARIS AGREEMENT-CoP21  United Nations Climate Change Secretariat  2015 
88 Integrating Spatial Data Infrastructure in Monitoring Climate Change Impacts: A Research Oriented Approach  FIG – ISPRS workshop  2015 
89 Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk in the Poiqu/Bhote Koshi/Sun Koshi River Basin in the Central Himalayas  International Mountain Society  2015 
90 eBulletin  PPCR: MCCRMD  2015 
91 REDD+ Strategy for Nepal  Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation  2015 
92 Weak precipitation, warm winters and springs impact glaciers of south slopes of Mt. Everest (central Himalaya) in the last 2 decades (1994–2013)  Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union  2015 
93 Climate Change and its impacts on Hydropower Development in Nepal  Bidhyut, Nepal Electricity Authority  2015 
94 High-Altitude Plants in Era of Climate Change: A Case of Nepal Himalayas  Climate Change Impacts on High-Altitude Ecosystems, Springer  2015 
95 Nepal Disaster Report 2015  MoHA and DPNet-Nepal  2015 
96 Second National Communication To UNFCCC  MoSTE  2015 
97 Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health and Adaptation Strategies for Nepal  NHRC  2015 
98 Spatial and Temporal Variability of Rainfall in the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya  Climate  2015 
99 Probabilistic Precipitation Estimation with a Satellite Product  Climate  2015 
100 Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development:The role of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre in Nepal  iied  2015 
101 Knowledge on Climate Change and Its Impact in Human Health among Health Sciences Students of Pokhara Valley, Nepal  IJHSR  2015 
102 A Case Study on Production of Biochar to Enhance the Soil Fertility, Reduced Carbon Emission in Context of Climate Change in Western Nepal  RG  2015 
104 Launching of National Adaptation Plan Formulation Process-Launching Workshop Report in Nepali  MoSTE  2015 
105 Launching of National Adaptation Plan Formulation Process-Launching Workshop Report in English  MoSTE  2015 
106 MCCRMD Bulletin-May  MCCRMD  2014 
107 Building Climate Change Awareness  NCCKMC  2014 
108 MCCRMD Brochure    2014 
109 Climate Change Knowledge Management in Nepal- A Short Film  NAST-NCCKMC  2014 
110 Treeline dynamics with climate change at the central Nepal Himalaya  Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union  2014 
111 IPCC-Fifth Assessment Report: Working Group II- Impacts, Adatptation and Vulnerability: Summary for Policy Makers  IPCC  2014 
112 IPCC-Fifth Assessment Report: Working Group III- Mitigation: Summary for Policy Makers  IPCC  2014 
113 REDD+ Readiness in Nepal    2014 
114 CLIMATE CHANGE, CHANGING RAINFALL AND INCREASING WATER SCARCITY: An integrated approach for planning adaptation and building resilience of smallholder subsistence livelihoods in Nepal  Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)  2014 
115 CLIMATE CHANGE, CHANGING RAINFALL AND INCREASING WATER SCARCITY: An integrated approach for planning adaptation and building resilience of smallholder subsistence livelihoods in Nepal  Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)  2014 
116 Working Paper: Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production in Nepal  South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE)  2014 
117 Treeline dynamics with climate change at the central Nepal Himalaya  Climate of Past  2014 
118 Is the growth of birch at the upper timberline in the Himalayas limited by moisture or by temperature?  The Ecological Society of America  2014 
119 Do Himalayan treelines respond to recent climate change ? An evaluation of sensitivity indicators    2014 
120 Tracing glacier changes since the 1960s on the south slope of Mt.Everest (central Southern Himalaya) using optical satellite imagery  Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union  2014 
121 Spring temperatures in the far‑western Nepal Himalaya since AD 1640 reconstructed from Picea smithiana tree‑ring widths  Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg  2014 
122 Responses of Montane Forest to Climate Variability in the Central Himalayas of Nepal  International Mountain Society  2014 
123 Climate change and its impact on tourism in Manaslu conservation area, Nepal  Tourism Planning and Development; Taylor and Francis online  2014 
124 “Study on Potentiality of Biogas Plants and Their Role for the Conservation of Environment  Nepal Journal of Science and Technology, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology  2014 
125 Case Study Report: REDD+ Pilot Project in Community Forests in Three Watersheds of Nepal  Forests  2014 
126 Economic Imapact Assessmet of CLimate change in Key sectors in Nepal  Minsitry of Science, Technology and Environment  2013 
127 Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (Brochure)  MoSTE  2013 
128 Proceedings of the Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning Conference and Working Sessions  ICEM  2013 
129 Keeping Nepal's Waters Flowing: Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in Mountain Eco-Regions  Asian Development Bank  2013 
130 Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Change Induced Flood Adaptation in Nepal  Common Ground Publishing, University of Illinois Research Park  2013 
131 Recent temperature trends at mountain stations on the southern slope of the central Himalayas  Indian Academy of Sciences  2013 
132 Pre-monsoon precipitation signal in treerings of timber line Betula utilis in the central Himalayas  Elsevier Ltd and INQUA  2013 
133 Projected Climate Change in the Hindu Kush–Himalayan Region By Using the High-resolution Regional Climate Model PRECIS  International Mountain Society  2013 
134 Influence of climate on radial growth of Abies Pindrow in Wester Nepal Himalaya    2013 
135 Climate change on the southern slope of Mt. Qomolangma (Everest) Region in Nepal since 1971  Science Press Springer Verlang  2013 
136 Missing (in-situ) snow cover data hampers climate change and runoff studies in the Greater Himalayas  Elsevier  2013 
137 Observed and modelled ice temperature and velocity along the main flowline of East Rongbuk Glacier, Qomolangma (Mount Everest), Himalaya  Journal of Glaciology  2013 
138 Climate Change Mitigation Potential from Carbon Sequestration of Community Forest in Mid Hill Region of Nepal  International Journal of Environmental Protection, World Academic Publishing  2013 
139 Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Growth in Nepal  NRB ECONOMIC REVIEW  2013 
140 Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Growth in Nepal  NRB ECONOMIC REVIEW  2013 
142 Evaluating Satellite Products for Precipitation Estimation in Mountain Regions: A Case Study for Nepal  Remote Sensing  2013 
143 Flood Vulnerability through the Eyes of Vulnerable People in Mid- Western Terai of Nepal  Earth Science & Climatic Change  2013 
144 Policy Dialogue on Climate change- Biratnagar  NCCKMC-NAST  2012-02-05 
145 Dialogue and Consultation on Climate Change Policy  NAST  2012 
146 CDM in the context of Climate Change : Nepal  Ministry of General Administration, Government of Nepal  2012 
147 Climate Change Talk - Taplejung  NCCKMC/NAST  2012 
150 Climate change and agriculture-farmers' manual  LI-BIRD  2012 
151 Climate Change and Vulnerability Mapping in Watersheds in Middle and High Mountains of Nepal  Asian Development Bank  2012 
152 Climate Change Adaptation Planning  ADB  2012 
153 Training Manual for Mainstreaming Climate Change and Environmental Management in Government Training Programmes at National and Subnational Levels  ADB  2012 
154 Public Awareness Materials on Climate Change and Health    2012 
155 Impact of Climate Change on Children  Plan Nepal  2012 
156 Response of debris-covered glaciers in the Mount Everest region to recent warming and implications for outburst flood hazards  elsevier  2012 
157 Glacial lake distribution in the Mount Everest region: Uncertainty of measurement and conditions of formation  Elsevier  2012 
158 Widespread Climate Change in the Himalayas and Associated Changes in Local Ecosystems  PLoSONE  2012 
159 Influence of the Pacific quasi-decadal oscillation on the monsoon precipitation in Nepal  Springer-Verlag  2012 
160 Climate Change, Agriculture, & Food Security in Nepal  Mercy Corps  2012 
161 Climate Change and Agriculture: A source book for farmers  LI-BIRD and Oxfam  2012 
162 Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation For Building Local Resilience In The Himalayas  Intech  2012 
165 Climate Change, Millet and Ritual Relationship with the Magars of Argal, Baglung, Nepal  Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology  2012 
166 Forests for Food Security and Livelihood Sustainability: Policy Problems and Opportunities for Small Farmers in Nepal  Journal of Sustainable Agriculture,  2011 
167 Assessment of climate change impact on large cardamom and proposed adaptation measures in eastern hill of Nepal  Author  2011 
168 Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change and Local Adaptation Measures in Agriculture Sector and Livelihoods of Indigenous Community in High Hills of Sankhuwasabha District    2011 
169 Comparative study of Effective management practices for enhancing agricultural production system in Nepal in the context of climate change    2011 
170 Climate Change Policy 2011  Ministry of Environment  2011 
171 climate change policy 2011  Ministry of Environment  2011 
172 Highlights on Energy Security for Cimate Change Adaptation  Environmental-expert.com  2011 
173 Micro and Mini Hydro Technologies-Vulnerability and Adaptation to Cimate Change  Ranjan Parajuli on www.environmental-expert.com  2011 
174 District Climate and Energy Plan (DCEP)-Ilam  Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)  2011 
175 District Climate and Energy Plan-Makwanpur  Alternative Energy Promotion Centre  2011 
176 District Climate and Energy Plan (DCEP)-Mustang  Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)  2011 
177 Guideline for thePreparation of District Climate and Energy Plans  Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, Climate and Carbon Unit  2011 
178 Climate Policy  Rougledge Taylor & Francis Gorup  2011 
179 Climate and Developmnt  earthscan  2011 
180 Training-Workshop on Effective Management of Climate Knowledge  NCCKMC/NAST  2011 
181 नेपाल जलवायु परिवर्तन ज्ञान व्यवस्थापन केन्द्र  NCCKMC/NAST  2011 
182 Things that should not be    2011 
183 National Framework on Local Adaptation Plan for Action (LAPA)    2011 
184 Revisiting Community Based Adaptation  LI-BIRD  2011 
185 Climatic Vulnerabilities- Leading To Health Concerns In Rural Nepal  Climate Himalaya  2011 
186 Public Health Preparedness For Climate Change- A Scenario From Nepal  Climate Himalaya  2011 
187 Stop Climate Change: Together We Can!  Climate Himalaya  2011 
188 Smokey Village Of Chidipani (Nepal)  Climate Himalaya  2011 
189 Exploring climate adaptive mechanisms on watershed management  LI-BIRD  2011 
190 NGO Network Bulletin on Climate Change-Mainstreaming for Sustainable Livelihoods  LI-BIRD  2011 
191 Review of Climate Change Adaptation Practices in South Asia  Oxfam  2011 
192 Climate Resilient Planning  Government of Nepal  2011 
193 Tharu community’s perception on climate changes and their adaptive initiations to withstand its impacts in Western Terai of Nepal  Academic Journals  2011 
194 Spatially heterogeneous wastage of Himalayan glaciers  PNAS  2011 
195 The political economy of climate change governance in the Himalayan region of Asia: a case study of Nepal  Elsevier  2011 
196 An analysis of snow cover changes in the Himalayan region using MODIS snow products and in-situ temperature data  Climatic Change  2011 
197 Monitoring snow cover variability in an agropastoral area in the Trans Himalayan region of Nepal using MODIS data with improved cloud removal methodology  Elsevier  2011 
198 Limits to adapting to water variability in rural Nepal: Gaps in community-based governance  Practical Action Publishing  2011 
199 Exploring social barriers to adaptation: Insights from Western Nepal  Elsevier  2011 
200 Contrasted evolution of glacial lakes along the Hindu Kush Himalaya mountain range between 1990 and 2009  Elsevier  2011 
201 Priority Framework For Action, 2011-2020: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management in Agriculture  Government of Nepal  2011 
202 The Role of Gender and Caste in Climate Adaptation Strategies in Nepal  International Mountain Society  2011 
203 Accounting for Health Impacts of Climate Change  ADB  2011 
204 The Future for Climate Finance in Nepal  GoN  2011 
205 Glaciers of Nepal —Glacier Distribution in the Nepal Himalaya with Comparisons to the Karakoram Range  U.S. Geological Survey  2010 
206 Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation through Community Based Planning: Concept, Process and Tools  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2010 
207 Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation through Community Based Planning: Concept, Process and Tools (Nepali version)  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2010 
208 Participatory Tools and Techniques for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Exploring Adaptation Options  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2010 
209 Participatory Tools and Techniques for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Exploring Adaptation Options (Nepali version)  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2010 
210 Review of Community Based Vulnerability Assessment Methods and Tools  Practical Action, WWF, IUCN Nepal, CECI Nepal and NAVIN  2010 
211 National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) to Climate Change  Ministry of Environment  2010 
212 Way to reduce Global Warming  puspa  2010 
213 Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Bhutan and Nepal, Policy Research Brief, No.1  Regional Climate Change Adaptation Platform for Asia (Adaptation Knowledge Platform), Bangkok  2010 
214 Separating climate resilient crops through screening of drought tolerant rice land races in Nepal  Agronomy Journal of Nepal  2010 
215 Climate Change and Local Impacts-Synergy between Adaptation and Renewable Energy Development for Nepal  www.environmental-expert.com  2010 
216 Jal Vayu Sarokar( Climate Concern)  Climate Change Network Nepal  2010 
217 UNDP Climate Change Country Profile: Nepal  University of Oxford/School of Geography and the Environment  2010 
218 The Glaciers of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region: A summary of the science regarding glacier melt/retreat in the Himalayan, Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Pamir, and Tien Shan mountain ranges  ICIMOD  2010 
219 Climate Training for Media: Training Booklet    2010 
220 CLACC Newsletter: Human Resources Development in Climate Change Adaptation  CLACC  2010 
221 GIS based Flood Hazard Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment of People Due to Climate Change.    2010 
222 Exploring Existing Local Adaptation Practices and Potential Strategic Options to Address Climate Change Impact on Biodiversity and its Dependents of Nepal    2010 
223 Understanding Disaster Management in Practice( Nepali version)  Practical Action  2010 
224 Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Vulnerability in Hills of Nepal (A Case Study on Dhare Khola Watershed of Dhading District)    2010 
225 Preparing for climate change: an evaluative framework for prioritizing adaptation measures in Nepal  Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, Nepal  2010 
226 Methodology for Improved Forest Management  GreenCollar Climate Solutions  2010 
227 Climate Change Vulnerability of Mountain Ecosystems in the Eastern Himalayas  ICIMOD  2010 
228 NCCKMC Brochure  NCCKMC/NAST  2010 
229 Overcoming Social Barriers to Adaptation  Overseas Development Institute  2010 
230 Local Adaptation Plan of Actions (LAPA)  IIED  2010 
231 Climatic potential of d18O of Abies spectabilis from the Nepal Himalaya  Elsevier  2010 
232 Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability in the Eastern Himalayas – Synthesis Report  ICIMOD  2010 
233 Adapting cropping systems to climate change in Nepal: a cross-regional study of farmers’ perception and practices  Springer-Verlag  2010 
234 Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping for Nepal  GoN  2010 
235 Temporal and Spatial Variability of Climate Change Over Nepal (1976-2005)  Practical Action Nepal Office  2009 
236 Impact of Climate Change on Forests and Livelihoods: Issues and Options for Nepal  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2009 
237 Even the Himalayas Have Stopped Smiling: Climate Change, Poverty and Adaptation in Nepal  Oxfam International  2009 
238 Renewable Energy over Climate Change and Vulnerabilities; Need,Relevance and Efforts in Nepal  www.environmental-expert.com  2009 
239 Vulnerability through the eyes of the vulnerable  ISET Nepal and ISET  2009 
240 Changing Climate in a Mountain Sub-watershed in Nepal  Journal of Forest and Livelihood 8(1)  2009 
241 Understanding Indigenous peoples' perception on climate change impacts on floral and faunal species in Eastern Nepal  NCDC  2009 
242 Climate Change and Agrobiodiversity in Nepal: Opportunities to include agorbiodiversity maintenance to support Nepal's National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA)  A report prepared by LI-BIRD for the Platform of Agrobiodiversity Reserach in collaboration with FAO and Bioversity International  2009 
243 Impact of climate Change on Dalit Community (Nepali language)    2009 
244 Carbon Sequestration in Schima‐Castanopsis Forest: A Case Study from Palpa District  The Greenery - a Journal of Environment and Biodiversity  2009 
245 Agro-biodiversity Management: An Opportunity forMainstreaming Community-based Adaptation to Climate  Forest Action  2009 
246 Ready for REDD? Taking Stock of Experience, Opportunities and Challenges in Nepal  Nepal Foresters’ Association  2009 
247 Glaciers, glacial lakes and glacial lake outburst floods in the Mount Everest region, Nepal    2009 
248 Carbon Financing and Community Forestry: A Review of the Questions, Challenges and the Case of Nepal  ForestAction Nepal  2009 
249 Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity Resources & Forest Ecosystems  The Initiation  2009 
250 Climate Change: Major Initiatives and Opportunities in Nepal  The Initiation  2009 
251 Quaternary glaciation of Mount Everest  Elsevier  2009 
252 Impact of Climate, Climate Change and Modern Technology on Wheat Production in Nepal: A Case Study at Bhairahawa  SOHAM-Nepal  2009 
253 Global Warming in Nepal: Challenges and Policy Imperatives  ForestAction Nepal  2009 
254 A Review of Carbon Dynamics and Sequestration in Wetlands  Journal of Wetlands Ecology  2009 
255 Nepal Thematic Assessment Report on Climate Change  Government of Nepal/Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology  2008 
256 Trends in Daily Climatic Extremes of Temperature and Precipitation in Nepal  Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists - Nepal  2008 
257 Can Nepal Benefit from Forest Carbon Financing?: An Assessment of Opportunities, Challenges and Possible Actions  Livelihoods and Forestry Programme  2008 
258 Climate Change and Its Impact on Nepalese Agriculture  The Journal of Agriculture and Environment Vol:.9, Jun.2008  2008 
259 Climate change screening of Danish development cooperation with Nepal  Danish International Development Assistance (Danida)  2008 
260 Gender and Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalayas of Nepal  WEDO  2008 
261 Carbon Sequestration potential, Spatial Distribution and Uses of Dendrocalamus strictus  Thesis  2008 
262 Climate change and human health  CLACC, IIED  2008 
263 Equilibrium-line altitudes of the present and Last Glacial Maximum in the eastern Nepal Himalayas and their implications for SW monsoon climate  Elsevier Ltd and INQUA  2008 
264 C