Forest & Biodiversity

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Understanding Indigenous peoples' perception on climate change impacts on floral and faunal species in Eastern Nepal

In the recent years, there has been extensive interest in measuring the impacts of climate change biodiversity.Indigenous people have been experiencing the phenomenon of climate change making reference to various living organisms. They have been realizing the changes in different activities and qualitative aspects than normal in various biological resources surrounding them.

High-Altitude Plants in Era of Climate Change: A Case of Nepal Himalayas

Biodiversity is the combination of all life-forms at genetic, species, and ecosystem level. Nepal has variation in biodiversity due to variation in geography, altitudinal range, and climate. But global climate is changing naturally, affecting various aspects of life. Long-term impacts of changes in climatic patterns have impacts on the forest resources. Decrease in snowfall and snow cover in the Himalayan region affects the Nomad groups to feed their livestock.