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Development and Climate Change in Nepal: Focus on Water Resources and Hydropower

This report presents the integrated case study for Nepal carried out under an OECD project on Development and Climate Change. The report is structured around a three-tier framework. First, recent climate trends and climate change scenarios for Nepal are assessed, and key sectoral impacts are identified and ranked along multiple indicators to establish priorities for adaptation. Second, donor portfolios in Nepal are analyzed to examine the proportion of donor activities affected by climate risks.

Climate change and water resources in the Bagmati River Basin, Nepal

Rivers are significant geomorphological agent, which shows diversity of form and behavior and quickly respond to disturbances acting against their system. The Bagmati River of the Kathmandu Valley originates from eastern hill Nagarkot in Sudal is the 7th order drainage and stretches about 51 km and flows over the Valley covering 678 km2 of watershed. This river have been suffering from unmanaged urbanization and industrialization, growing population pressure on catchment of river causes destruction of natural phenomenon of river.